San Diego Coastal Sober Living

offers a structured sober living facility to both men and women!



an Diego Coastal Sober Living offers a structured sober living facility to both men and women. We provide a safe, clean and supervised environment in a good neighborhood centrally located a mile from Pacific Beach with easy access to buses and public transit.

Our sober living facility provides many levels of structure for both men and women, depending on the current need of the individual client. Not only do we offer 24 hour supervision, to those that need it, but supervision by registered counselors with many years experience working with residential clients. Because we are staffed by experienced professionals who understand addiction on a first hand basis, we are able to offer an environment of peer support that nurtures personal growth and recovery. We provide the safety of a sober living environment that increases the chances for positive growth and long-term success in treatment. The main goal of the sober living facility is to provide a drug free, positive recovery environment, in this critical time, where the recovering person can build a positive support system, where they have time to gain serenity, self awareness, and confidence and avoid many of the relapse triggers that can make long-term success in treatment more difficult. The client’s safety is the main concern so only those who are serious about recovery and positive change will be allowed in the program and no negative behaviors contrary to sobriety and growth will be tolerated.

We have both private ($950), and shared ($650-$750) rooms. SD Coastal provides all utilities as well as washer, dryer, free wi/fi, and premium television and movie channel package, and a hot tub and recreation room.

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